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I'm Élodie, half French/half Canadian Web Designer and Illustrator living in Los Angeles, CA.
Proud owner of a Master Degree in Visual Communication from Intuit/Lab Paris, I spent the last 8 years devoting my skill set for various companies like Venteprivée.com, nventive, Officevibe but also for creative projects and initiatives as a freelance illustrator.

With over 2 million views and 
2 top 10 featured presentations on Slideshare, I mastered the art of simplifying information through infographics.

What's keeping me busy now? My blog about creativity and feel-good tips!

Élodie simply is the kind of artist that doesn't exist! An artist with a lot of creativity, talent and imagination, but without the downsides!
She's quick, spot on time with the schedules plus creating way above average results. If she were still in Montreal, I would have her in my team full time!

Jonathan Deschênes
Founder and CEO at NUX sciences